Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Australia cricket team hits its biggest low

It is starneg thing, but it has happened again. The australian cricket team is lossing at all continents, and against every kind of opposition. The recent bundling of the australian team by the south african clearcy shows that the othr teams do nottake australia cricket as invincible.
It was bound to happen - they lost their sperheads in the bowling - shane warne and mcgraw, and after that the real slide started. And now with hayden also looking out, and bret lee out of forms on all paces, it is an australian goodby to the year with a swollen pride.
But still the good thiing is that ricky ponting is back on his nimble feet - and a century, and an almost centry in the second test m,eand he will close onto sachin's most test centuries earlier than given. That will be agreat achivement form the australain point of view. But the deflation in their victories will mean more competion up there.

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