Thursday, December 4, 2008

England will loose both matches

England will lose the test series too, for the fact that they will not have the stability in the battting. They never had that, and the one series ashes victoy (remember how they were paraded in london) was just a fluke. Indian cricket tem will wash off the english attck this time, espeacillay Sachin tendullkar. Heis in some kind of a form agaian and it will be quite impossible of any english bowlere to defeat him. but then there is the ever present duo of gambhir, and sewhag, and the bowling attack of harbhajan. the english team which will be withut anderson, flintoff, and perhaps harmison will be found wanting in all departments of the cricket game. The only good thing that they will have is monty panesa, but he too will be treated well by the indian batsmen. The two math test series is too small, but a 2-0 loss will dent the english spirits for the comming ashes.

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