Sunday, December 14, 2008

India may win tomorrow

Sewhag has opened up a match which was once all but closed for the indians. The mindless hitting in cricket bating has one thing in its favour - it can fail but once it succeeds, it can win a match for you. One match won, may be a series won, and this time sewhag's innings may prove to be fruitful again
That the english team has missed an oppertunity is too early to say, but atill with around 250 needed on the last day, with about 9 wickets remaing might not look entirely impossible. add to the fact that the wicket is not behaving very baddly. so things are in india's favour for tomorrow.
India needs to bat with caution, and that may be their downfall too, for as sewhag has proved it is the brave that get the fortune. The india's must go for a win - and even if they loose - well it is nothing, they must go for a win tomorrow, that is the basic point.

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