Sunday, December 7, 2008

chennai test will decide a winner

Chennai test between indian and england will be the first point. The test series is too short, only two tests but still it can decide a winner. In ideal cases the test series must be of about 4 matches, but due to the christmas the series has been curtailed.
The first match at chennai will decide the out come of the series, beacaue if england are bale to stop india from winning, or on the other hand, give india some great resistance then they would be in a far beteer metal state for the comming test at mohali. What one needs is a great amount of doggy english spirts to rise to the ocassion.
India, has been and will be a power to rise in test cricket. the recent demolotion of australia, on home wickets has reassured that india is unbeateable at home wickets and it might just be impossible for englnad to cause fissures in the indian cricket rise.
The chennai test will decide the course.

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