Thursday, December 11, 2008

First day's play at chennai

Andrew staruss has made the real difference in the first day's play. He stood solid, but more importantly, he held the whole english innigs by his fist. Kevin petersen, on the other hand was the one who was not ready to stay solid on thw wicket. The way he palyed, as often he has been doing looks like he is the only one who is most impatient crickter of the world. He wants to dominate the bollowing from the word go, which is almost impossibe in test cricketer - and you can do it only if you are as rash and as brave as Sewhag, or Jayasurya. The ideal criketer like petersen must biuld his innings slowly before going ona over drive. But he failed in this, as he often does.
But the first day's play at chennai is evenly balanced, with india bettr of. But if england are bale to play up till luch tommorrow they will be in a postion on which they will never lose the test maych

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