Thursday, November 26, 2009

second test match at kanpur going towards india

The second test match between india and sri lanka seems to be going towards india's way, and it seems sri lanka will loose this test match. India has made sri lanka foloow on, and with the chances of the wicket breaking up on day three, india might well win the test match with more than two days to spare. This wil make india go 1 up in the series.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First test match heading towards draw.

The first test match bewteen india and sri lanka is already looking to go towards the draw side.
Whenver the first tem acores a couple of centures on the firts day, and the second follows it ip, it means the situation is drab, and the match is going towards the draw. there is now hope for this match, this thing is certain

Sunday, November 1, 2009

ind vs aus - fourth odi 2009

In the fourth odi between india and australia, at mohali, the indians have the upper hand going by their 2-1 lead - but beware - the wicket at mohali will not be the kotla wicket - mohali has always prepared wicket which is true, conducive to fast bowling, with good pace and carry. It will also assist some spin.
India will have to be wary of the australian fast bowling attack at mohali. The team batting second, will be at reciving end for the first 10 overs. At around dusk in mohali, the fast bowler bolwing at 150 kms per hour can be really deadly.

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