Friday, January 2, 2009

T10 cricket, any takers?

The t10cricket which is going for a push in the ocuntry might not be sustaibale at all. What cana cricket match do in 10 overs a side. This is just about destruction of cricket as a whole, and this will only deplte the cricket, like t20 has alreday done. The t10 is too quick, too hazy, it will leave nothing for the bowler, and only the batsmen will dominate.
Even then the craze to gather money and crowds from cricket contuniues unabated. The beautiful, and tought cricket will suffer on this account, and this will really be a concern for the bowling community. the t20 and t10 destroys the spirit of the bowlers, and with the crowds clapping for sixes, nobody would want to be a bowler, and get jeered, and booed for coneceding aboundary. The destruction of the bowling art is one thing that will certainly occur beacuse of the t20 and t10 trend.

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