Sunday, November 30, 2008

The stand taken by english cricketers

The stand taken by england against the bcci for the ongoing series is not so great. The series must have been fought, and they must have contnuied it. To allow a series to go away like this is not so good. The cricketers in this world are not more threatened than the other people. when other people can face a bad situation, why do the foreign cricketers run here and there. this is bad for the game. The bcci has always protected the players, given them all sheets of security, but still the foeign players shirk from visitng india, which is not good for the cricket as a whole.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

why cricket is not a global sport -part 1

why is atheletics the gret sport? Because it is raw, beacue it needs no equipment? Cricket on the other hand, is a sport that needs too much dressing. It is not something that you can go out and play. you need cricket bats, bowls, pads, gaurds, gloves, wickets and all the stuff. On the othe rhand you can run a hundered meter dash barefoot. That is why the cricket has not been adopted by most countries of the world. The equipment matters are very promiment when kids first beign to learn sports. the sports with lest equipment needs like footbal becomme their favourite. But cricket need to much of that, so it has stayed away from being a global sport.

Friday, November 21, 2008

bccitv cricket

The only indian sport that the people follow is cricket, and they do not have passion for anything else. The growth of cricket in the continent is half a colonial fact, and half a fact of the natives. The english people brought the cricket here but it has stayed due to the certain characteristics of the subcontinental people especially the indians. The indians, the people of the subcontinent, like the game of cricket best because of the inherent nature of the game. Firstly, it is a stretched up game, secondly it allows chatting, laughing inbetween, which is so essentail to the indian.
But india has never been the best team in the world. there have been victories, like the 1983, and the recent 2020 world cup, but they could be taken as fluke by an impartial observer. Generaaly the indian team is more noted for indvidul brillliance than the collective efforts. For example, the highest test runs, the 10 wicket haul in a match etc. but cricket is a team game, and australians are the best in this department. Nobody plays cricket as collectively as the australians do.
One thing, the era of indviduial brilliance in cicket is already over, with the fall of the west indies pace battery of the seventies. They were the best collective talent that ever came onto the cricket feild, and after that the collectivenes of the cricket team beacmme more important, as emphasized by the rise of the australain power. there are very less indvidual glory efforst in an australian match, but they do things a bunch. this makes them the number one in the world.
The recent rise of india, firstly by defeating the australains in india, and then taking on englang quite easily is a good thing, but please never forget that these victories, especially the test victory against austraiala was a victory at home, and at home it is always difficult to beat india. Secondly, what would happen, if india had lost three tosses that it won. Winning the toss and batting first, always gives yoy a decent position in india. this is what actually happened.
But still the indian winning habbit must contiue, and we hope to see more victories. thanks,bccitv

bccitv coverage

the bccitv will cover many major thrust areas in the feilds of the internt televsion. It will employ gadgest which will be really world class, its camers, and other equipment will ensure that the bccitv will be great and worthy, and the users will benefit immensly from this. Also the fact that the bccitv will get its feed from the content publishers who will themselves be very well reputed will enhance its image as one of the foremost content providers in the feild. The main thrust of the bccitv will be in the news coverage and it will enusre that the news that the people get daily will be of great value to them, and that the news are specfic, and of utmost importance.
This will ensure the content to be reaaly high class, and the publishers will also be told to adhere to the content guidelines for making the bccitv a real successful venture

bccitv channel

The bccitv will be that kind of a broadcasting channel which will really cater to the differeent tastes of the people, the genre, and the sytematic tastes. If the people can come out and vote that they do not need this, it will be omitted. The people, their tastes, their views, their methodologies, their cultures, and their indvidual opinions will be the main criteria which the bccitv will cater too. On no accout whatsover will the bccitv adhere to policies which are determinant to the general public taste, for these ideas laways create some kind of disadvantage to the facts. The great idea will be to encourage a wholehearted particiaption of the medium of great visibilty to the user

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The bccitv will offer a variry of matter, news, views, and other such points of interest on many aspects of the current scenario. It will offer all these matters on priority, and the content will be ample and actually useful to the user. The point of view of the user will be taken in great account, as the user is infact the real judge of a content, and also its maker in a passive way. All content on the internet thus owes something to the user, who integrates the internet as a whole bundle across the whole world wide web.
The main thrust areas of the bccitv will be upon sports activity at first. The sports activity of the bccitv will be mainly concentrated to such active sports like cricket, hockey, football etc. The cricket cotent is very vital for all websites these days, and the bccitv will also cover the same. The presence of the bccitv internet television in this sphere will give a great bosst to many sports espeacially cricket, hockey etc.
The bccitv internet channel is thus a major boost for all activities. The main areas of thrust of the bccitv would be -

The sports feeds cover a wide range of sports including cricket, hockey, soccer, tennis, athletics, rugby, and other individual sports like athletics etc. The sports feeds are taken from content publishers with a huge amount of experience in dealing with sports content, especially in the sport content distribution and analysis. The live scores, the live match broadcasting, the commentary, the specific player analyses, the match factors etc are the coverage areas that the sports live feeds adhere to. The sports feeds also emphasize the importance of the Varity of sports that users like to enjoy, and with each sport being categorized into its specific category, the special users will be able to stick to their personal tastes. The basic idea of the sports feed on bccitv is to encourage the wholehearted participation of users in the sports activity on the internet television.


The movies zone of the bccitv, will cover a wide Varity of movie content that a user might be interested in. the movie content will be generally new movie releases, the gross earning per movie, the box office splashes, the news and views about movies, and the general movie stuff. There will be an emphasis on the movies stars, with a special peek into their acting skills, their social behavior and their general position in the movie industry. The bccitv movie zone will carry specific pictures of movie stars, especially pictures of actresses, and also interviews with these actresses. The content of the movie zone at bccitv will be very rigid, and will only decent, family content will be published.


The software section of bccitv is of immediate interest to the web users, as software is the inherent part of the web. The users can view, select and download a variety of software based on their needs. The software content at bccitv is sourced from thousands of software vendors from across the globe. The software content strictly adheres to reputed software vendors, and a special care is taken to ensure that the software does not contain any malware, is efficient, and effective. Special care is taken to ensure that the software is stable. Also the software vendors are rated by the users themselves, to ensure that only good, stable software is available to the users. Also the user comment section at bccitv allows the users to comment on specific software, so the other users can take insight from the comments, and make better choices. The appeal of the software content is vital to the bccitv for its web presence.


The internet television is the best medium to find products on the web. It is interactive, and it gives to the users a proper selections, and choice benefits. The new products section at bccitv introduces to the users the recent products that have entered in the market. The electronic gadgets, are a specific category for the product content. The product content is sourced from the individual manufactures, wholesalers, importers, and other vendors. The review section the product content ensures that the product quality is emphasized to the users. The users at bccitv can themselves rate the effectiveness, and the quality of a specific product they have bought, also a comparison price chart of the different products is provided. The product content at bccitv allows the users to make choices on the web, as the content is easily accessible, and make purchases offline. The product research online, and subsequent purchase offline is one of the great drives of the product section.


The health zone content section covers information on variety of health matters. The different diseases, their prognosis, their cure, their effect on the human lives is provided distinctly in the health section of bccitv. The health content puts special emphasis on the health factors of women and children. The category related to the doctors advice is an effort to put the doctor viewpoint across to the user regarding diseases and their management. The mental health content, ensures the proper management of the stress in today’s hectic life. Ask the doctor section at bccitv, is the emphasis to consult a doctor, with important queries. The fitness section has a special category dealing with the weight loss programme, and their effectiveness. The skin care content allows users to take care of the daily skin regime. The variety of the health content at bccitv makes it really useful to the user as a whole.


The lifestyle content is based on the factors that create the lifestyle of our generation. It covers such categories as fashion, cloths, dress accessories, the vehicles, the upholstery, the media blitz associated with lifestyle. The section personal grooming at bccitv offers tips on the personal growth of the individuals especially on mental and spiritual sides. The housekeeping content at bccitv allows users to get new insight in the varied home based themes. The lifestyle industry is gaining a great foothold in the business sector of the globe, and a special preview of the yearly news on the lifestyle industry emphasis, the growth and the new trends specific to it.
The bccitv also allows its users to contact various lifestyle experts so that they can make better choices on lifestyle content.

All these above points, make the bccitv a great place to be on, to get variety of related information on all subjects.

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