Saturday, December 13, 2008

England are digging a great batting trench

England have duf a trench and they are digging it deeper. I don't think they can losse the match from this postion. If they win this match here, it will make india's wins against autralia very hollow. The great fact that will be (strangely nobody bothers to fit it as a factor) is batting first on indian pitches. This was how australia lost the series - they had to bat second all times, except the first match where they alomost won.
If india draws this match, the harbhajan factor will also come into play. He has bated extremely well this season, and bowled well too - he is currently second in wickets ranking for the current year, and with one more match to go, he might be able to beat styn's tally. Bt for the time being, let us wait for the 4th day's game. It will be a great day at chennai, for criket lovers, for england may reverse india's dominanne at home

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