Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Australia cricket team hits its biggest low

It is starneg thing, but it has happened again. The australian cricket team is lossing at all continents, and against every kind of opposition. The recent bundling of the australian team by the south african clearcy shows that the othr teams do nottake australia cricket as invincible.
It was bound to happen - they lost their sperheads in the bowling - shane warne and mcgraw, and after that the real slide started. And now with hayden also looking out, and bret lee out of forms on all paces, it is an australian goodby to the year with a swollen pride.
But still the good thiing is that ricky ponting is back on his nimble feet - and a century, and an almost centry in the second test m,eand he will close onto sachin's most test centuries earlier than given. That will be agreat achivement form the australain point of view. But the deflation in their victories will mean more competion up there.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The rest for Indian cricket

The rest that the indian cricket team will get in the next few days will do them good, provided they do not mix up with models and that.
The run of the indian team, however may we aret it as a high point was a mixture of luck and devilness of sewhag. Without the combination of the two the indian team would have fared far less against england particulary.
The unsung man of the past few days has been harbhajan singh. He was pivotal in his batteing display, and has ben able to provide good break throughs. The fact that hewas in the reckonming for the highesat wickets ina claender year, has not been highlighted by the media. He has always been set aside, his glory is never a news now, his antics are - but this is cricket

Friday, December 19, 2008

The change in the cricket power

There is a major shift in the cricket power of the present time. The cricket australia is on the wane (mind it, it is easier to say that) and cricket india is on the rise. But then the great realities have to be considrered. The biggest is the palying at home factor. The recent rise of india in test cricket has been a factor of playing at home, both against australia and englnad, and mind it, india has alaways been a force at home. It is only whene the team goes out to play on wickets that suit the oppostion, will you know how much guts and git the team has.
But this is a good time, new players like gambhir have come up to replace the old, gangiulay hasnt been missed much, and they will not miss dravid either. Tendulakr will be the only man who will be missed, not beacuse he wins matches for the team, but because he has becomme a very important personality in the indian team. But as all greats, like Lara, and sobers, and Gavaskar must have known, people remeber nothing, but only the present.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

India may win tomorrow

Sewhag has opened up a match which was once all but closed for the indians. The mindless hitting in cricket bating has one thing in its favour - it can fail but once it succeeds, it can win a match for you. One match won, may be a series won, and this time sewhag's innings may prove to be fruitful again
That the english team has missed an oppertunity is too early to say, but atill with around 250 needed on the last day, with about 9 wickets remaing might not look entirely impossible. add to the fact that the wicket is not behaving very baddly. so things are in india's favour for tomorrow.
India needs to bat with caution, and that may be their downfall too, for as sewhag has proved it is the brave that get the fortune. The india's must go for a win - and even if they loose - well it is nothing, they must go for a win tomorrow, that is the basic point.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

England are digging a great batting trench

England have duf a trench and they are digging it deeper. I don't think they can losse the match from this postion. If they win this match here, it will make india's wins against autralia very hollow. The great fact that will be (strangely nobody bothers to fit it as a factor) is batting first on indian pitches. This was how australia lost the series - they had to bat second all times, except the first match where they alomost won.
If india draws this match, the harbhajan factor will also come into play. He has bated extremely well this season, and bowled well too - he is currently second in wickets ranking for the current year, and with one more match to go, he might be able to beat styn's tally. Bt for the time being, let us wait for the 4th day's game. It will be a great day at chennai, for criket lovers, for england may reverse india's dominanne at home

Thursday, December 11, 2008

First day's play at chennai

Andrew staruss has made the real difference in the first day's play. He stood solid, but more importantly, he held the whole english innigs by his fist. Kevin petersen, on the other hand was the one who was not ready to stay solid on thw wicket. The way he palyed, as often he has been doing looks like he is the only one who is most impatient crickter of the world. He wants to dominate the bollowing from the word go, which is almost impossibe in test cricketer - and you can do it only if you are as rash and as brave as Sewhag, or Jayasurya. The ideal criketer like petersen must biuld his innings slowly before going ona over drive. But he failed in this, as he often does.
But the first day's play at chennai is evenly balanced, with india bettr of. But if england are bale to play up till luch tommorrow they will be in a postion on which they will never lose the test maych

Sunday, December 7, 2008

chennai test will decide a winner

Chennai test between indian and england will be the first point. The test series is too short, only two tests but still it can decide a winner. In ideal cases the test series must be of about 4 matches, but due to the christmas the series has been curtailed.
The first match at chennai will decide the out come of the series, beacaue if england are bale to stop india from winning, or on the other hand, give india some great resistance then they would be in a far beteer metal state for the comming test at mohali. What one needs is a great amount of doggy english spirts to rise to the ocassion.
India, has been and will be a power to rise in test cricket. the recent demolotion of australia, on home wickets has reassured that india is unbeateable at home wickets and it might just be impossible for englnad to cause fissures in the indian cricket rise.
The chennai test will decide the course.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

England will loose both matches

England will lose the test series too, for the fact that they will not have the stability in the battting. They never had that, and the one series ashes victoy (remember how they were paraded in london) was just a fluke. Indian cricket tem will wash off the english attck this time, espeacillay Sachin tendullkar. Heis in some kind of a form agaian and it will be quite impossible of any english bowlere to defeat him. but then there is the ever present duo of gambhir, and sewhag, and the bowling attack of harbhajan. the english team which will be withut anderson, flintoff, and perhaps harmison will be found wanting in all departments of the cricket game. The only good thing that they will have is monty panesa, but he too will be treated well by the indian batsmen. The two math test series is too small, but a 2-0 loss will dent the english spirits for the comming ashes.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The retirement of greats in the cricket

The retirment of gangualy and kumble has been really a dark thing that happened to the indian cricket in the past. Both the players have been mainstays of the indian camp, and with their going the indian team is set to bea more depleted. With tendulkar and dravid and laxamn too on the wrong sie of the age it is all biuyt inevitable that the indian cricket team will be mucvh weaker.
In the same way the australaisn, rather the great austrial tem of the two years back has been nothing these days. the great amcgraw, and shane warne have left the scene, and this has made the whole of the australian tem just a scattered bunch. they have the batsemen but they dont have the bowleers. India on the other hand has lost batsmen to retiremnt more than the bowlers, as we feel atthe bccitv.
But both the teams are resilent, and they knwo how to rise after a spate of retirements, and it would be really fine if they stay as competitive as ever now too.
By bccitv

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Weak english team to india

There are speculations that england will send a weak team to india with harmison, flintoff, and anderson not in the team. but this is not good news for cricket. A series, must be playes on fair grounds, with competitive spirts. Any lag in the competitiveness, will only decipher cricket as a game with no teeth. The main draw of any sport is the fight between the equals, but if the england india test series becommes a no contest, it will be bad for both the crickt and the spectators. Cricket i such a great sport in the country, and after defeating the mighty australians, and defeating the english handsomly in the one dayers, the indian test cricket must also get a chance to shine

Monday, December 1, 2008

Harmison not so cricket minded

It is strage why harmison has said that cricket is less important, and that the danger of going to india is very intense. This will make cricket less intsense, if we hear such remarks from cricketers like harmison. Moreover the way in whcih the Ponting and other austarlian cricketsr have acted in the rcent past, this looks like something that is really bad. Cricket cannot get tuned to fear, it has to stand up agaainst this fear. This is important for the cricket to survive. If one starts to put cricket as nothing, this will not inspire the criketsers of the next generation. The essentality of the cricket to stand against national conflicts is what sports can do for international integartion. Each and every match played makes the world a better peaceful place

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