Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The retirement of greats in the cricket

The retirment of gangualy and kumble has been really a dark thing that happened to the indian cricket in the past. Both the players have been mainstays of the indian camp, and with their going the indian team is set to bea more depleted. With tendulkar and dravid and laxamn too on the wrong sie of the age it is all biuyt inevitable that the indian cricket team will be mucvh weaker.
In the same way the australaisn, rather the great austrial tem of the two years back has been nothing these days. the great amcgraw, and shane warne have left the scene, and this has made the whole of the australian tem just a scattered bunch. they have the batsemen but they dont have the bowleers. India on the other hand has lost batsmen to retiremnt more than the bowlers, as we feel atthe bccitv.
But both the teams are resilent, and they knwo how to rise after a spate of retirements, and it would be really fine if they stay as competitive as ever now too.
By bccitv

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