Friday, December 19, 2008

The change in the cricket power

There is a major shift in the cricket power of the present time. The cricket australia is on the wane (mind it, it is easier to say that) and cricket india is on the rise. But then the great realities have to be considrered. The biggest is the palying at home factor. The recent rise of india in test cricket has been a factor of playing at home, both against australia and englnad, and mind it, india has alaways been a force at home. It is only whene the team goes out to play on wickets that suit the oppostion, will you know how much guts and git the team has.
But this is a good time, new players like gambhir have come up to replace the old, gangiulay hasnt been missed much, and they will not miss dravid either. Tendulakr will be the only man who will be missed, not beacuse he wins matches for the team, but because he has becomme a very important personality in the indian team. But as all greats, like Lara, and sobers, and Gavaskar must have known, people remeber nothing, but only the present.

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