Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sri Lanka crush pakistan cricket by a lankan gale

The thrashing of pakistan by srik lanka has come as a great surprise for the cricket fraternity. That Pakistan would loose to sri lanka was not certain, but the fact that it lost to them by such a big margin means that the pakistan cricket has touched very low. It was pakistan's biggest loss in one day cricket, and it has been a shamelss display for them.
Incidentally, the lowest ever cricket score for a cricket one day has been by india agaist sri lanks, and now pakistan has been defeated by the second most slowset score in one day internationals. the sri lankan cricket team is flying off with a great win record. Their batting is great, and with the their new bowl bowlers and the spin duo of mendis and murali in their ranks now they are the best team in the world. the next era of cricket should ideally belong to sri lanks crikcte team, if the australians are dethoned.

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