Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Indian cricket team's sri lankan tour

Now it is certain that india will paly with sirlanka to comenstate for the dismissed or cancelled cricket tour of pakistan . This tour of sri lanka which will have one t20 and five one dayers, is an important tour considering the fact that indian team will be playing the new zeland in march. so this tour of sri lanka becommes a tour of utmost importance, in wake of the new zeland tour itself.
The bad news is that this is a hastily arranged tour, without any regard for player fatigue. Dhoni, whoc tirednow, tired then antics have largely gained a mass appeal (he is never tired to appear for commercial or fashion shows) does get these lay offs now and then. But other playesr cananot be so lucky. One break from cricket on the pretext of being tired would mean a total blackout forever. Such is the way in whcih the cricket is held everywehere.
Neverthless this tour is a good oppertunity to oil one's bones for the Newzeland autumn.

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