Thursday, January 8, 2009

Australia cricket still no 1, but it is slipping fast

Austriala have saved their tests ranking for now. They continue tobe the no. I ranked team on either side of the changing year, but what do you think - is their domination over? It looks like other cricket teams have already caught them on their backs, and some of th teams, like india and south africa are already sniffing on their necks.
The south afircan victory on the australisn soil,, ahs been achived after a long glong whicle, and in this regard south africa did better than india did last time. South afric ahave tumbled Austrlai at their hoime gounds, and this is remarkable for the south african cricket.
More rmarkable is also tha fact in whcih australi bouncd back after the first two test defeats to snatch the third one. This also speaks well for the australian character as a whole, as far as their cricket is concerened.

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