Tuesday, February 24, 2009

India new zeland first t20 of the series.

The first t20 match in the new zeland india series might well be the trend setter for the whole series. Both teams will make most of their chances to out wit the others. While india is the t20 world champion, the new zeland t20 tam is a great team, considering the fact that they have some of the biggest hitters of the cricket ball.
The match will be an exciting one, and it will be a great match for the start of the series. the second t20 match, and its result will establish the supermacy of one side.
Indian cricket team, is really on a high after demoloshing sri lanka, and the new zealnd cricket team is also the one who squared off a one day series against australia, before loosing a one t20 by a single run. so in the long run, this will bea great conquest.

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