Friday, November 21, 2008

bccitv cricket

The only indian sport that the people follow is cricket, and they do not have passion for anything else. The growth of cricket in the continent is half a colonial fact, and half a fact of the natives. The english people brought the cricket here but it has stayed due to the certain characteristics of the subcontinental people especially the indians. The indians, the people of the subcontinent, like the game of cricket best because of the inherent nature of the game. Firstly, it is a stretched up game, secondly it allows chatting, laughing inbetween, which is so essentail to the indian.
But india has never been the best team in the world. there have been victories, like the 1983, and the recent 2020 world cup, but they could be taken as fluke by an impartial observer. Generaaly the indian team is more noted for indvidul brillliance than the collective efforts. For example, the highest test runs, the 10 wicket haul in a match etc. but cricket is a team game, and australians are the best in this department. Nobody plays cricket as collectively as the australians do.
One thing, the era of indviduial brilliance in cicket is already over, with the fall of the west indies pace battery of the seventies. They were the best collective talent that ever came onto the cricket feild, and after that the collectivenes of the cricket team beacmme more important, as emphasized by the rise of the australain power. there are very less indvidual glory efforst in an australian match, but they do things a bunch. this makes them the number one in the world.
The recent rise of india, firstly by defeating the australains in india, and then taking on englang quite easily is a good thing, but please never forget that these victories, especially the test victory against austraiala was a victory at home, and at home it is always difficult to beat india. Secondly, what would happen, if india had lost three tosses that it won. Winning the toss and batting first, always gives yoy a decent position in india. this is what actually happened.
But still the indian winning habbit must contiue, and we hope to see more victories. thanks,bccitv

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